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I am a transplant to the Tampa, Florida area after being born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I have two adult daughters with completely opposite energy of myself and of each other. I learned to honor their energy and embrace them in who they are.  The daughter of a narcissist, I have always second guessed my worth and how I looked. I had my first plastic surgery around 9 years old and never felt good enough or pretty enough. I now can say at 45 years old - I am a goddess! I love putting on clothes and feeling confident and sexy. Sexy is MY vibe. This course is not to look sexy unless that is YOU and you want to embrace it. I want you to look good on the outside but feel amazing and worthy on the inside. 

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Why Shakti?

shakti style course

It’s the hindu word for energy. I have always been intrigued by different cultures and religions and fascinated with goddesses, deities etc. I named my dog Lakshmi after the hindu god of beauty and abundance. It’s always been a conversation starter and made me unique. 

"Best course ever..."

”Best course ever to discover how to dress your goddess to her full potential! Will be recommending to all my friends!”

Sky H.

"Where has this information been my whole life?"

“Where has this information been my whole life? It’s exactly what I needed!”

 Kat R 

"Absolutely loved it!!"

“Absolutely loved it!! Thank you and i can’t wait to implement all of this!”

Maddie M. 

"I always loved fashion and color trends.."

”I always loved fashion and color trends but I somehow also felt that my fashion sense was based on something more and studying this course gave me the answers I was always searching for. It was how clothes made me feel. How certain colors, textures and styles made me feel like the woman or goddess I am on the inside now glow and shine on the outside.”

 Sheila A

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